How to get orders for new customers from SOP to your ERP

Modified on Mon, 18 Mar 2024 at 04:19 PM

When orders are placed for customers not currently in your ERP, they will reside in SOP. This is because their account details will not match any data pulled through from the ERP.


There are three ways to identify if an order is being held in SOP:

  1. You will receive an email notification if this option was configured in SOP
  2. See orders that have been set to On-hold” in SOP.
  3. Run the “held orders” report by selecting Order Reports – Held Orders

To process the “On-hold” order,

  1. You'll need to start off by creating the customer on your ERP.
  2. Export the latest data from your ERP and then import this to SOP (If you need help to do so you can use this article: Getting the latest ERP data onto the mSeller App)
  3. Click on the “Orders” tab in SOP. Find the “on-hold” order as shown below

  4. Link the newly created customer with the corresponding “held order” in SOP by following these steps:
    • Double click on the order you identified above. The order will then open up with details as created by the field user on the mSeller app.mceclip2.png
    • Click on the search icon next to the temporary account code.mceclip3.png
    • A customer lookup box will appear. Remove the temporary account code. If you know the ERP system's code you can type it in and click on search otherwise you can just click on search to bring up all customers.
    • Once you have the customer, double-click on it. The customer's details should now update on the order and replace the details of the temporary customer created on the SOP.
    • Ensure to deselect the 'On-hold' tick
    • After changing the customer code and removing the on-hold status, you can now save the order mceclip8.png
    • From here you'll need to export the order to your ERP. You can do so by navigating to Tools in top left hand corner
    • Select Synchronise > HeadOffice >Export Orders
    • All orders should export successfully

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