Getting the latest ERP data onto the mSeller App

Modified on Mon, 18 Mar 2024 at 04:19 PM

This article is a step-by-step instruction on how you can get the latest data from your ERP (SAGE) system onto the mSeller app.

We first need to extract the latest data from your ERP. To do this, we use an application called psql_access.exe. 

The easiest way to locate this is by navigating to the folder on your desktop called mSeller Shortcuts

Inside the folder, there should be quite a few shortcuts that have been set up. Please navigate to the shortcut called Data Extract and double-click on it. 


The shortcut will take you to the Integration folder. This folder contains all the latest extracted data files from your ERP, as well as the psql application and the config files linked to it.

You can also navigate directly to the integration folder to run the psql application. 

Once you are in the folder you can simply double-click on the psql_access.exe application.  


It should take about 5min to extract the data. 

You can confirm if it was successful by checking if the date modified updated to your current time. 


Next, we'll need to import the data into the SOP software. You can do so by opening up the SOP software on your PC. After opening it, you need to navigate to Tools > Headoffice > Import Data From Back Office


SOP will then import the latest data that is located in the integration folder. Once this has been completed we need to export the data to the mSeller server for the mSeller app to gain access to it.

You can do this by going to Tools > Handhelds > Export Handheld Updates


After doing this, the latest data has been transferred to the mSeller server. Your field user needs to download the updates from the mobile app in order to see the changes.

Please keep in mind that this process happens automatically every hour and does not need to be done manually every time a change is made. This is for urgently required changes.

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