What's the difference between Visit Tasks, Tasks and Visit Frequencies?

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Here's a breakdown of what exactly Tasks, Scheduled Visits, and Visit Frequencies are.


Let's start with the simplest concept: Tasks. If we have to simplify tasks into something everyone is familiar with, it would most closely resemble a "reminder" on your calendar.

Tasks can be added by either Office/Insights or Field users. It shows up on the Field user's calendar and can be marked as "complete" just by ticking the checkbox.

Tasks are great for setting reminders to users to do certain things (i.e. fill in a survey, remember to call etc.).

Scheduled Visits

Scheduled Visits are one of the two ways we can measure call cycle compliance. A fixed Call Cycle can be specified by stating e.g.: Customer XYZ Needs to be visited on the 10th of July 2018.

Scheduled Visits can be added by the Office/Insights user. They can either be added from the calendar, individual customer’s profile or from an import.

Field users can also add scheduled visits if permitted by their Insights users. If permitted Field user can also manage the schedule visit, move the due date if they can’t meet the due date.

The scheduled visit will then show on the Field user's calendar. The only way to remove the entry, is to log a visit at the respective customer. A report is then also populated, indicating the overall call cycle compliance percentages.

Scheduled Visits are useful for customers that have to be visited regularly, on specific days. The drawbacks though, are that call cycles do require some maintenance (i.e. accounting for leave days and public holidays) and are quite rigid.

Visit Frequencies

Visit frequencies is the second way Skynamo uses to measure call cycle compliance. Visit frequencies uses the concept of "weeks between visits" to determine how often customers should be serviced. Visit frequencies are either defined on a weekly basis ("visit customer every 2 weeks") or a monthly basis ("visit customer every 3 months").

Visit frequencies can be edited by the Insights user, or it can be configured to be edited from the Field application.

Visit frequencies allow a little more flexibility in terms of call cycle management, and still delivers a powerful report, as well as a filter for Field users to see which customers need to be visited in the current and upcoming weeks, and also which visits they have missed.

Have a look at our "How To" pages and training material for more details on how exactly to implement each of these features.

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