Pricing in Skynamo

Modified on Mon, 18 Mar 2024 at 01:35 PM

Skynamo supports three pricing models

  • Price list pricing
  • Deal groups
  • Customer discount

Price list pricing

Price list pricing is captured on price lists, and these price lists are then allocated to customers.  This pricing can be either editable or non-editable, depending on the user settings.  Price lists also hold the VAT inclusive/exclusive setting which indicates to Skynamo that tax should be added to or subtracted from the list price, according to the tax rate.

Deals groups:

Deal groups are often used to override price list pricing in the events of company-wide promotions, contracts, deals, or other pricing agreements.

  • Overrides price list pricing, even when more expensive
  • Supports effective date & can be preloaded to the system
  • Supports expiry date and can automatically expire
  • Have a minimum quantity and multiple deals can be loaded on different quantity tiers
  • Supports the buy (quantity) + get free (quantity) functionality (for example, buy 10 items, get 3 free)
  • Applies to customer groups.  Individual customers can have their own customer groups

Customer discount

In the case that certain customers receive a discount for all items on their orders, customer discount is often used.

  • Applies to the whole order
  • Can be switched on or off depending on a global configuration setting
  • Can be editable or non-editable depending on the user setting


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