Working with Promotion Groups on Insights

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* Please note this article dives into how Promotion groups work on insights, it is however possible that a customer manages their deals/promotions on their ERP. This article is also concerned with the practical application of Promotion groups on Skynamo.

How promotion groups work:

Promotion groups help us to apply special pricing (discounts) of products to select customers. One Promotion group can be applied to many customers. Meaning, that you can provide special prices to the customers you decide on. Skynamo Promotion groups are very flexible. 


How do I create a Promotion group?

First, download the Promotion group template here.

Next, open the file and we will begin populating it:


Group name = Give your Promotion group a name.

Group prices editable =  in this column, type either of the following:

  • TRUE - if you want reps to be able to edit this price in an order/quote.
  • FALSE - if you do not want reps to be able to edit this price in an order/quote.

Product code = Copy the exact code of the product you want to create a special price for.

Order unit = Copy the Unit name of the product you stated above (You can see this in your product database as well).

Effective date = Enter a date if you want this special pricing to begin at a particular point in time. The format is YYYY/MM/DD.

Expiry date = The date when the Promotion will expire and will no longer be applicable.

Buy-free quantity = Specify how many units someone must buy in order to receive the free number of units that you will specify in the next column (Buy 1 get 1 free).

Buy-free units = The number of units a customer will get free when they buy the quantity specified in the previous column.

*Note, that the buy-free option is not compulsory. If you do not want to structure your Promotions like this, they can simply be left blank, as is done in the example below.

Price-bracket quantity = This is the number of units (quantity) that a customer must buy in order to receive the special price. If this is not applicable (i.e. the Promotion structure is simply a discount on the products) this can be set to "0". The product will then automatically reflect the discounted price.  

Price-bracket price = This is the special price the customer will get when all the conditions above are met.


Here is an example of a Promotion group I will create:


  1. In this example, you can see that I named my Promotion group "Smile".
  2. Reps will be able to edit this price within orders/quotes since I made the group prices editable "TRUE".
  3. The Promotion also only came into effect on 20 July 2021 and it will expire on 20 August 2021.
  4. Customers also have to buy at least three of these products to activate the special pricing.
  5. The special price is $100 for my ALP001 product (on my default price list, the price is $120).

* I decided not to have any buy-free quantities in this Promotion.

After you populate the field import the file back to insights (Settings > imports > Promotion groups).


Now, how do I apply this Promotion to my customers?

Method 1:

Simply navigate to one of your customer's "overview" tab on insights.


You will then scroll down to the "Promotion groups" customer field and add the name of the deal group you just created:


Click save and the deal is applied.


Method 2:

Apply the Promotion group to your customers in bulk. 

Download your customer base and insert the Promotion group name under the Promotion group column:


Click to learn how to edit customer information in bulk


You can now create an order at the customer to test your Promotion group. Here I can see mine:



Important considerations:

  • Promotion groups do not “stack”. That means that discounts are not applied on top of other discounts. When multiple deals apply to a customer, the best price that the customer qualifies for is used.
  • In addition to the above, the Promotion group that is editable (marked TRUE in the "group prices editable" column) will be given preference.

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