How to Perform Stock take and manage Model Stock Android

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Model stock is a useful feature Skynamo offers for those customers that might have an ideal stock level. This is mostly used in the retail industry but can be used in other industries as well. Model stock can be set by management of the Skynamo insights, or it can be set up by a user, should they have the permission to do so.

To enable the user to access the functionality, request that the user be set up with the “May manage stock products” functionality enabled under the configuration of their user role.

If model stock is set up, a stock take can be done at a specific customer. On Skynamo the name for a stock take, is a survey. If you then do a quote or an order. Skynamo, will automatically calculate the difference between the model stock and surveyed amount and populate the order or quote form. This process is explained below.

Editing model stock of a customer

You will need to add the ideal or model stock level first. You can do this under the Stocked Products tab under the customer profile. Click on the model stock line next to the product to add an amount. This can be edited should the customer indicate any changes.

Conducting a survey

The next thing you will need to do is to add a survey (stock take) from your menu on the customer’s profile. This will indicate the current stock level. See below screenshot of where to find the survey:


Once you have selected to start the survey you can add the figures. The Qty in stock will be the current stock that the customer has. This should be the total stock on hand. Facings are important in some industries and this is an optional figure you can add. Facings are used when you have a certain number of products on the shelf (For example 10 Honey 150g) but only some of the products are visible because they are in the front of the row on the shelf (In the case below 5). Finally, you can add the retail price should it be required. This will be the price the customer is selling your product at. Once you have added all the information required you can click on save to finalise the stock take.


Once you have saved the survey the stock take will be saved under the customer’s profile.

Processing a quote or order

You can choose to now complete an order or quote based on the model stock needed. You can start the quote or order as normal from your customer’s profile:


Fill in the order details and proceed to the product selection page. On this page, you will note that the order or quote already has suggested quantities based on the model stock versus what was actually on the shelf. You can now choose to take the suggested figures but you will also be able to change the quantity based on the customer need.

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