How to place an Orders and Quotes on iOS

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Adding orders, quotes and credit requests on iOS/Apple. The following article will show you how to add one of these options. 

To start placing an Order, Quote and or credit request, proceed to your customer profile and select the + button in the top-right. Select Order, Quote and or credit request to get started.

This will bring you to the following new Order page. You will have your product names to the left, along with the product codes. On the right hand side you will have the quantities selection and pricing. 

You can click on the product name to go to the full product profile.

You can view the stock level of each product (if it is uploaded) as well as the pricing.

To add any quantities to your Order or Quote, click on the block to the right (currently on 0) or click the blue + button.

To negotiate pricing, click on the price of an individual product. 

Once you have clicked on the price, you will see the below option, which will allow you to see your negotiation options according to your company policies. You can change the price, add a discount percentage, and choose if the added change should be remembered until a certain date. Click on Save to keep the changes.

To add a second line item, once the quantity is added select the icon next to the line item comment option. 

You can add a second line item, if you will be adding the same product at a different price, or to add free stock. For free stock you will discount the product 100%.


Click on/expand the info bar at the bottom of the screen to view the current basket for your Quote or Order. You can also change the Warehouse from here if needed and you have the option to add a discount for the full Order or Quote from here as well if you have the required permissions to do so.

To acccess your catalogue images (if they have been loaded), click on the four squares icon on the top right of your screen.

This will take you to the catalogue view, displaying your product images, details, pricing and stock level. Click on any of the images to enlarge them. You can also add quantities from here by clicking on the quantity block like we did earlier, or selecting the blue +.

Switch between the List and Catalogue view by clicking on either the 3 lines or the catalogue icon on the top right of your page.

On the top of your page, you will have an option of filtering your products to see relevant ranges or options you are working with. Sort by Pricing, Name, availability and also your company filters or categories.

Once you have chosen a filter you will only see the relevant products on the list. If the following message is displayed, there are no products matching the chosen filter(s). You can either deselect some filters or remove all current filter options by selecting the “Reset Filters” button.

You can also search for products using the search bar by simply typing in the product name or code. On the far right of the search bar, you will also have the option to use the barcode scanning feature if you have barcodes set for your products. 

Once the barcode scanning option is selected you will be redirected to a camera screen that will allow you to scan the barcode of any product. 

Once you have added all the necessary products to your Order, Quote and or credit request, you can click on Next to add details from either the Catalogue or list view page.

This will take you to the page below where you can add your details to provide more context for the Order or Quote.

Add the necessary details, and click on Summary.

This will take you to a finalization page where you can view all details and confirm if your Order or Quote is correct.

Click on the Submit button, to complete your Order or Quote.


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