Dashboard Click-throughs and Managing Columns

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If you wish to take a deeper dive into the data available on the About my users Dashboard, you can do so by either clicking the Click-through button in the top-right of the tile itself, or my making use of the menu in the left-hand panel.


These click-throughs are available on both the Activity, and the Visit-related tiles.

Once you select one of the click-throughs, you will be able to see a detailed breakdown in the row at the top, as well as a chart indicating the activities per user.



Below that, you have a table indicating all the data for the users and period selected. You are able to either download this whole dataset in a CSV format, or alternatively, build your own report. You can only display the columns you wish to see, by using the Manage columns button to access the column picker.




You are now able to deselect the columns that are not applicable to you, and only keep the ones that add value to your report. There’s also a search bar included making it easier to find the right columns.




After only keeping the desired columns selected, click the Apply button to display the new report.


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