Preventing out of stock Orders and Quotes

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You can now prevent field users from processing quotes and orders for items out of stock. This is a valuable feature especially if you don’t have a back-order process. This will assist your field users to manage customer expectations.

Open your settings, then scroll down to the “Edit configurations” section, once that is selected, scroll down to the prevent out of stock orders and prevent out of stock quotes options.

If these options are checked and highlighted with a tick this means that the field user will not be able to process orders or quotes for items that are out of stock. To deactivate this simply deselect these options and the field users will be able to process orders and quotes for the out of stock items.

See illustration below:

The users will be able to see which products on their side have stock (based on their chosen warehouse), and which do not. It will show the user the current availability, and will grey out/block them from placing Orders or Quotes for products that are not available.

It will look like this on an Android device:

This is how it will display on the iOS devices:

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