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Skynamo will calculate the gross profit margin based on cost price and display profit

percentage per line item as well as the entire order. Margins will automatically change

when a field user negotiates/change the item price.

Margins are retained for the subsequent customer visits when a field user negotiates/

changes the item price. When an order is saved as a draft, gross profit margin of the

order will be saved as well.

Skynamo will display gross profit margins on orders only if both the item price and cost

price are either tax inclusive or tax exclusive.


How to set this up:

You will need to add your cost pricing to Skynamo. Navigate to your Products tab, and to your Price lists section. Here you will find the option to Add price list.

Add the name for your price list, possibly mentioning in the name that this is your cost pricing. Indicate if this pricelist includes or excludes tax, and this should match the option for your other prices. You can amend this later if needed.

Once you have added the price list, you can add your cost pricing to this as normal. After the prices have been added you need to select the following option to indicate to Skynamo which of your price lists is your Cost price list:

Once this is done the Gross profit margin will be indicated to your users when they are adding discounts or changing prices for their customers.

This is how it will look on their side on Android or iOS devices:

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