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The gross profit margin is a useful feature for those customers who want to maintain healthy margins.

Skynamo will calculate the gross profit margin based on cost and display profit percentage per line item as well the entire order. Margins will automatically change when a field user negotiates/changes the item price.

Margins are retained for the subsequent customer visits when a field user negotiates/changes the item price. When an order is saved as a draft, gross profit margin of the order will be saved as well.

Skynamo will display gross profit margins on orders only if the item price and cost price are either tax inclusive or tax exclusive. 

The gross profits margins will not be displayed on a finalized order.

Field users cannot edit the gross profit margin field on the order form. Field users will require negotiate and edit prices permission enabled to see margins on orders.

Lets’ have a look at how this will be displayed when you’re processing an order.

Open the order form and tap on the item price


When you negotiate/change item price, you will be able to see the gross profit percentage on item level as displayed below.


You will also be able to view the gross profit percentage for the total value of the order.


The gross profit percentage will not be displayed on any finalized orders.


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