Radar RFM Insights on Android

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If your company has chosen to have the Skynamo RFM analysis, you will be able to see the customer status on your mobile app.  

This will range from New customers, At Risk customers, and Potential Loyalists, among others. 

The first place you will see this will be on the customer list. To the right of each customer it will display their status.


Once the profile has been selected, you will see the option to navigate to the Customer Insights.


This page will show you; the customer status, the total Invoiced value this month, the last invoiced total, and the last date the customer was visited. You can also click on the (i) icon for further tips on this specific status. 


RFM Status and meaning 


If you are experiencing any issues, please contact our support team by mailing us at support@skynamo.com.

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