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Not sure which customers are bringing in the bulk of your sales? Worried that customers might be missed or no longer buying without anyone being aware of the situation? Would you like to know which customers have the potential to bring in even more revenue?


Introducing Skynamo Radar! This paid feature will help you answer all the above questions.

You can access your RFM analysis from your new Dashboard once it has been activated.


This will take you to the following page, where you will see the different statuses, and can select each to view the customers in that category.


Each category/segment has a specific definition, which is included here:


To the right of the page, you can see a segment breakdown. You will be able to see how many customers are in each category, the percentage of your customer base that is in this category, the revenue, as well as the percentage of revenue that is affected by this category.



By clicking on the colored block of the specific status, or selecting the status in the segment breakdown, this will open the customers below these options that are in this category.



It also shows you who is assigned to the customer, making it easy to bring this into a meeting with your team to discuss strategy.

Remember that your users will also see these statuses on their customer list on their device, and under the customer profile.

If you are experiencing any issues, please contact our support team by emailing us at support@skynamo.com.

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