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We have an exciting new dashboard for you! What this article will cover is the differences between the old and new dashboard, and where to find some of the information you might have become accustomed to seeing.

One of the first major differences is that you had to set up your old dashboard yourself, choosing tiles and having to see which ones would give you the data you need.

You would start with a welcome tile only:


Our new dashboard gives you the tiles already added, so you can immediately view the team’s data.

The new dashboard can be filtered either by date range, user, or user group. Previously the only option for changing the tile was the date range.


With the previous dashboard you would select the settings gear to change the date or rename:


With your new dashboard you can filter using the options on the top left:


Now to find the “tiles” or information you might have been used to seeing, we am going to give you a few of the main examples but do keep in mind that this is a new dashboard, and we are improving the offering and not exactly replicating it.


Tiles such as your Total Order and Total invoiced value, as shown below, can be found under the about my customers section on the new Dashboard. When not using the filters on the new dashboard the totals will be the same as what you had previously, and you can filter the data by user or date range when needed.





More user focused tiles such as your Visits completed, activities done, and customers added will be under your “About my users” tab. This is also now much easier to view as you can filter and see the comparison between users on the new dashboard.





That is some of the most significant changes and similarities, and what we will show next is some of the exciting new features you will have available.

When you have a few different sets of information, for example with the activities, and you want to see details on only one set of information, you can hover over it and the exact value will be displayed.


You can also exclude some of the options, for example if you just wanted to see the Visits and comments added, you can click and deselect the other 2 options to see only that information.


When filtering by a user or team, all the tiles will only reflect the information you have selected to see.


Then lastly some of the exciting new tiles you will be seeing are:

The Year-on-year sales, and if you have multiple years these can be compared to see seasonal fluctuations and more accurately budget.



Your top and Bottom 10 customers, showing you where more focus might be needed, or where there are bigger opportunities.


Then we have your Visits vs. Sales data, showing you the number of visits at a customer, and the resulting sales. When hovering over a dot, it will show you the customer's name, the invoiced amount, and the number of visits for your selected date range.


We hope this will help you navigate the new dashboard, and help you find the information you are looking for. Please do let us know if you have any feedback.

View this video for a walk through on the new Dashboard:

If you are experiencing any issues, please contact our support team by emailing us at




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