Why you might experience more syncing issues due to loadshedding and network issues (South African users):

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Please note that this is not an issue that is isolated to Skynamo.

As you know, we are currently experiencing high levels of loadshedding. Most of the towers for network reception do have batteries, but this creates limited network and high traffic.

You might experience the following issues during times when there is limited network:

  • A message indicating you are currently experiencing connectivity issues, or don’t have access to the Skynamo server
  • On-site visits showing as off-site (GPS connectivity also relies on the towers to triangulate your position)
  • Not being able to self-assign yourself to customers
  • Syncing can take longer than it usually would

Keep in mind:

  • You still have full offline capabilities/access to Skynamo. You can continue placing orders/quotes and filling in forms and fully start and finish your visits.
  • Please use your Skynamo travel logs to accurately log your traveled distance



  • Your self-assignment lasts for 24 hours, and you can self-assign yourself to your customers the morning of the visits, and have access offline to these customers as well.
  • All information will be synced, please be patient

Once you do have network connectivity all the activities and information for the day will be synced with your company server/instance, and your reporting will reflect all information gathered while you were working offline.


Important note for managers is that while network is down, you might see some users showing as out of sync. Remember that this indicates your user is working offline, and not that they are not using Skynamo. All reporting will still be accurate once the user is again in sync.


If you have further questions or if the issues are persisting even when network is established again please contact our support team by emailing support@skynamo.com

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