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Skynamo uses Omni's automation switch to export pre-built Omni reports on a schedule. These exports, along with Order and Quote imports are done using the Omni Web Rest Service. 

The Web Rest Service allows Skynamo to pull and push data to and from OMNI. Skynamo requires this to pull customer, product, stock level and sales history information from OMNI to Skynamo, as well as push orders/quotes back into OMNI from Skynamo.

The client, therefore, needs to have the following Omni module in place to allow for Skynamo integration to work:

For the Skynamo integration to work properly, this Web Rest Service needs to constantly be running in the background on the client's Omni server. This Service however is notoriously unreliable and has to be restarted from time to time.

Skynamo usually sets up a background task to kill this service every few hours and then restart it, to ensure the service is always up and running.

When this service is running in the background, it consumes one user "seat" in Omni. The client, therefore, needs a dedicated user seat for Skynamo.

Some common error messages received and how to fix these:

Skynamo order failed to import to OMNI: Maximum number of concurrent connections exceeded. Please try again later

  • This error occurs either when too many users are logged into Omni and there isn't a user "seat" available for the integration user to execute its commands OR (more likely) the Omni Web Rest Service is misbehaving.
  • When the Omni Web Rest Service starts misbehaving, a simple restart usually resolves the issue easily.

How to restart the Omni Rest Service:

  1. Log in on the Omni Server
  2. Open up Task Manager (can be found by searching for this application on the Windows Start menu)
  3. Locate the Task called "OmniWebRestService.exe", right-click on it and click on "End Task"
  4. The task should then disappear from the list of running tasks in Task Manager
  5. Open up Windows Task Scheduler (can be found by searching for this application on the Windows Start menu)
  6. Locate the background task called "Skynamo Omni Rest Service", right-click, on it and click "Start"
  7. The web service should then be successfully restarted and running in the background again. Confirm this by checking Task Manager.
  8. You can now reprocess all failed Skynamo Orders

Field "Feature" could not be found. Item: Switchable Feature ABC Table Name: SYS_Features Field Name: Feature or Skynamo order failed to import to OMNI: Access violation at address ### in module '###.dll'. Write of address ###





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