Uninstalling / Reinstalling Skynamo - iOS

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This article provides guidelines to uninstalling and reinstalling the Skynamo mobile app on iOS.


Please only continue with this procedure if the Skynamo Support Team instructed you to do so.


It is advised to only Uninstall and Reinstall your Skynamo app at the end of your working day, after you manually synchronized your data. 


Before beginning the Uninstalling / Reinstalling process, please send a debug email to support@skynamo.com to ensure a backup of your data.


How to send a Debug email - iOS


1) Touch and hold the app on your iOS device until it gives you these options -> select "Remove App"


2) Select "Delete App"


3) It will inform you that by deleting the app you will be removing its data as well -> select "Delete"


4) Open your App Store and search for Skynamo -> select the download icon to reinstall Skynamo


5) After Skynamo has installed, -> select "Open"


6) You will be directed to your Skynamo App where you need to fill your credentials in order to log in


7) Log in to your Skynamo account -> "Start My Day" -> select the "Settings" icon


8) Manually sync your device in order to retrieve your data



In the case that you have forgotten your password, use this link to have it reset.



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