Printing/Sharing Orders, Quotes, Credit requests and Forms from your Android device

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You can easily print/share Orders, Quotes, or Credit requests directly from your device using Skynamo. Firstly, navigate to your customer's page, and select the customer’s profile whose Order, Quote, or Credit request you would like to print or share. You can also find the previously submitted orders on the Orders tab, quotes and credit requests can also be found on the Overview tab on your timeline



Once you have selected your customer, navigate to the History tab and select an Order, Quote, or Credit request.


After selecting the Order, Quote or Credit request, it will open as shown below, and you can select the Sharing option at the top right.



After selecting the sharing icon, you will be presented with two options


Select Share File, you will then be presented with options in which you can share. Select your preferred option from the available option you currently have on your device.


The Download file will allow you to save the document to your device and if your tablet or phone has printing capabilities you will be able to print the document using a WiFi printer and or a plug-in printer. 


You can print/share submitted forms from your main timeline and or from a specific customer timeline. The process is the same. Select the form you wish to print/share and then select the share icon once you've opened the previously submitted form and follow the steps highlighted above.


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