How to deactivate customers in bulk

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Customers are not permanently deleted on Skynamo, they are deactivated, i.e. made inactive.

  • This means that when you open your customer list on Skynamo, by default they will not appear as it automatically filters on Active Customers

The following steps will list how to deactivate customers in bulk.

The steps:

- Download your customer database in Excel:


- Delete all other columns except for the Code, Name and Active/Inactive columns



- Navigate to the Active/Inactive column and change the status from Active to Inactive for the customers you want to deactivate


- Save and import the file into Skynamo.

  • Go to Settings > Imports and select Import customers:


  • Choose the file in your computer and select File select to importmceclip5.png

Once the file has successfully imported, your customer base will be updated:



As stated previously, when you open your Customers Tab, by default it reverts to showing only Active Customers.

  • In my example, I deactivated all customers, so when you filter on Inactive Customers, they will come up and appear greyed out




  • To reactivate customers in bulk, the same steps as above apply except you will need to change the Active/Inactive status of the customers back from Inactive to Active in Excel.
  • To activate an individual customer that was previously deactivated, you can follow these steps:


Skynamo Support - send email ticket to or call 0861 345 345 for further assistance.

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