How to download a customers history/timeline information

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Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to download all the activities previously completed at a customer. You will find that this is not a native feature on Skynamo. I will now show you a workaround for downloading this data.


1 - Create a customer field.

Select the "Drop down box > single select" option and name it something appropriate. Also, make sure you select the "can filter on this field" option: mceclip0.png


Under the field you just created, add an option and name it "download". You may delete all additional fields:


For help on how to add the customer field - click here.


2 - Apply the created customer field to the customer

Navigate to your customers tab > select a customer > click on the "overview" tab:

mceclip2.pngScroll down and find the customer field you just created. Apply the "download" option we created for it:


Click save once Skynamo prompts you to.


3 - View and download the information from your call report.

Navigate to Skynamo > reports > call report and apply the "download" option to the customer field we created:


The applied filter will limit the reports results to only the customer we applied the field/filter on. In the example above, only information for my "Alpha Tauri" customer is displayed on the call report. You may now download and share the data.


1054637-200.png Important:

Once you have downloaded the customer data, remove the field from the customer. This important so that you can use the field again to download information for a different customer. If the field is applied to two different customers, the call report will give you information for both of them.

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