How to add a customer or product field

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This article serves a simplified explanation on how to add a customer or product field to Skynamo insights. For more information and an in depth explanation, read the following articles:

How to edit Customer fields

How to edit Product fields


Click on settings and then select either "customer fields" or "product fields":



On the next page you will be able to add a new customer field:



1. Select the type of customer field to add.

2. The new field will be given a name such as "FieldX".

3. On the right hand side you will find options to edit the fields details.


Once complete, click save at the bottom of the page:



Navigate to Skynamo > customers > overview and you will see the newly added details under your "details" section of the page:



Voila! That's it. As mentioned above, if you require more information, follow the links I have included.

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