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Before diving into this exciting new app, it is important that we set your device up optimally to ensure you get the full Skynamo experience!


Ensuring optimal GPS tracking:

Firstly, lets make sure your device is locked, loaded and ready to track your location. It is important you do this or your travel route and distance tracked may be rendered inaccurate.

Android users click here

iOS users click here


Ensuring background app activity:

By default, Skynamo is set up to synchronize all data to-and-from your company's server every 5 minutes, ensuring all information you have is up to date. As long as you are clocked in, this will continue to happen even if you are not actively using the app.


Luckily for you, by applying the GPS settings above, background app activity was also set up optimally.


Ensure your device and Skynamo is up-to-date:

Device software updates:

Android: Open the settings app > scroll and open "Software update" > "Download updates manually" > Download and install.

iOS: Settings > General > Software update > Download and install.


Skynamo app updates:

Android users click here

iOS users click here


Date and time settings:

Skynamo prefers using manual date and time. Your device receives the current time from your service provider. Time discrepancies can sometimes occur as your device switches between mobile network and WIFI. Apply the following settings to avoid this:

Android users click here

iOS: Settings > General > Date and time > turn "set automatically" off.


Congratulations. You are now ready to rock your sales and enter the world of Skynamo. Enjoy!

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