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This article guides you through the steps to follow when completing an order, a quote or a credit request on the web interface.


NB: There are two ways in which orders, quotes or credit requests can be completed on an instance. This can be done either on the Timeline tab or on the Customers tab.


1. Completing an order, a quote or a credit request on the Timeline tab

To complete an order, a quote or a credit request through the Timeline tab; click on Timeline, then navigate to the "Add" button on the top right corner of the timeline history and click on it.


In the drop-down menu, you will find the options "Fill in a form", (follow the steps in this article to fill a form), to create a new order, a new quote, a new credit request, and the "send email to timeline" option which gives you the unique skynamo email address for the instance (follow this article to set up the send emails to timeline option).

a) To create a new order, a new quote, or a new credit request click on one of the three options. 

In this example, we will create an order for demonstration as the steps for the three, are similar.

b) Click on "Create new order"


c) In the pop-up window that will appear;

  1. Select the customer where you would like to complete the order by clicking on the upside-down triangle.
  2. And search for the customer name you are looking for
  3. Or scroll down on the list of names of customers.


d) Select the customer name then click on Create


e) A new window will open where you can begin to add the products for the order. In the case where you have multiple warehouses, select the appropriate warehouse.


f) Add the products by clicking on the search bar below the words "Add a product item to this order" and searching for the products you want to add to the order.


g) Add the quantity of each product by typing in the text field next to the blue "Add" button, and clicking on the "Add" button to add the product to the order.


h) Now the product will be added to the list of items for that order


i) If you made a mistake while adding a product, you can simply delete the product by toggling the mouse to the name of the product you want to delete/edit and click on the bin icon that will appear at the far right of the listed product, next its amount.


j) Otherwise, once you have added all the products for that order, click on the blue "Next" button at the bottom.


k) A new page will open and on this page, you may answer all the relevant questions depending on your company's order questions setup. If necessary, add the reference, email addresses of those who should receive the order email under "Recipients" or signature of the customer and click on Next.


l) Finally, you will arrive on a page you can place the order. This allows you to double-check the details of the order before completing it. If there are any errors in the order details click on the white "Back" button to go back and the order. However, if all the information pf order is correct, click on the blue "Place order" button to place the order.


m) Once you have placed the order, a new popup window will appear to confirm the completion of the order with the number in the format "#number" eg #0000. From there you can either go back to Skynamo  by clicking on "Back to Skynamo" or you can start a new order by selecting a customer and clicking on "Place order"



2. Completing an order, a quote or a credit request on the Customers tab

  • To complete an order, a quote or a credit request on the Customer tab; click on Customers then select click on "List".


a) Search by customer name or customer code and click on the customer where you would like to place the order and click on it.


b) On the customer page, select the "Overview" tab, click on the "Add" button on the opposite right of the words "Timeline" and select "Create new order".


Once you have selected "Create new order" repeat the steps from e to m above


If none of these steps works, please contact Support on:

SA - +27 861 345 345

UK - +44 203 150 0217

USA - +1 917 242 3582

Email -

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