Integration Troubleshooting

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This article lists common causes of integration problems and what to check to overcome the issue.


1) Task Scheduler does not function properly


Check that the Last Run Time was recent. If it's not, the task might not trigger correctly. Run it manually & review all run settings within the scheduled task

Check that the Last Run Result is (0x0). If not, open the scheduled task, navigate to the actions & run the commands manually in the command line.  Running the tasks from the command line might show an error message that identifies the problem.  If the error messages are unclear or not showing, check Windows Event Viewer to locate the problem.

2) Database access details are not working

Check which apps are referenced in the Scheduled Tasks.  Run these apps manually.  One common app is the Skynamo integration tool.  This one can be reviewed by clicking on Run Exports:


All checkboxes should show the checked sign.  The one below shows crosses and checks:


3) Faulty configuration

Each integration program comes with a configuration file.  These are text files that store the integration configuration details, and it requires maintenance using a tool such as Notepad.


4) Credentials revoked

When using a cloud ERP, such as Xero or SageOne, revoke access and then follow the steps used to set up the original configuration.

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