How to assist a user with missing product files

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Here is what to do should one of your users not have access to all product files on their Skynamo app. The following steps should only be completed when the following troubleshooting has been attempted:

  1. The device is fully in sync.
  2. You have allowed the device enough time to sync the images from Skynamo insights (the website).
  3. You have attempted to clear the download manager. (Here is how for Samsung – Here is how for Lenovo)

To rectify this issue, we will need to:

1. Retrieve the product images from a device that already has the product images loaded.

2. Share it manually with the user.

We cannot pull the product images from Skynamo insights (the website) as the product images follows a very specific path in syncing to the devices. In this process the files undergo a change in the naming convention. We thus need to share the newly updated images found on a mobile device with the user.

Step 1: Retrieve the images from a user that already has access to the images.

On a users device that already has access to all product images, navigate to the my files app:

Next, go to internal storage > Skynamo > look for the user name and company > product files:

Now, we want to add all images to a zip file. tap-and-hold one of the images and then click "select all"​

Next, click the three dots in the top right hand corner (more options) and select the "Zip" option:​

Save the zip file by tapping on "ZIP":

You will now see a newly created .zip file. Please ask the user to share this with you:

I recommend that you send it over email or Google drive (if the file is too large).


Step 2: Share the file with the user who is experiencing the problem.

Once you have received the .zip file, send the file to the user who is experiencing the missing product images issue. Once they save it, the file will be found in “downloads”:

Tap and hold the .zip file > tap the “3 dots” at the top right hand corner and move the file:

Move it to: Internal storage > Skynamo > (find your user name/company name) > product files > and tap done:

All that’s left to do is open the .zip file and unzip it. Make sure that all files are selected:


Request that the user syncs their device and allow some time for images to start syncing through to Skynamo.

*Remember that the images run on a different sync protocol and therefore the device may appear as in being fully in sync even though images are still slowly syncing through to the application.


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