How to help a rep reset their password (rep has no email access)

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This common workaround usually works when:

  • There is at least a Manager with the Users permission on the instance.
  • The rep does not have access to work emails or a working email address to get the password reset email while on the field.

The steps for the Manager:

1. Go to the Users tab

2. Search for your name

3. Select Edit user (blue pencil icon) on your name:



4. Edit your email address to be incorrect and select Save.

- for example from to



5. Under Users again, search for the name of the rep and click Edit user (blue pencil icon).

6. Delete the rep's email address and enter your correct email address and select Save.


7. Select Edit User (blue pencil icon) on the rep's name again and click 'Send invitation'.


- You will then receive an email with a link to setup the rep's new password in your email inbox.


8. The last step is to:

- change the rep's email address back to another email address

- change your own email address back to normal And click "Send Verification" to verify it.

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