Deleting Repeating Scheduled visits and Tasks in bulk

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Once you have uploaded your Scheduled visits or Tasks in bulk, you might find that you need to delete a cycle and upload a change.

This article will take you through making those changes.

First, navigate to your Import tasks page, where you uploaded your information. Click on the download all button, as you will need the repeating Scheduled visit or Task ID to delete the cycle.




Once you have done this, copy the following information over from your sheet:


Copy the ID (not the Repeat Task/Visit ID, the 1st column you will see) and all the Visit or task information up until when the repeating cycle ends.

You are now going to make the following changes to delete this cycle/cycles.

  • Change the Repeat which is currently True, to false
  • Add a column that says Delete, and make sure you type True in the column next to the cycle you wish to delete. Your changes should look as follows:


Save the file in an easy to find location. You can now go back to your Task imports page, and browse for the file you saved. Once you have found the file, click on File select, and view the information being uploaded.



Make sure you see the delete column at the right.



Click on Import tasks, and this will delete the cycles you have chosen. If you have been successful, you will see the following message.



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