Adding Repeating Tasks and Scheduled visits in bulk

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This article will take you through all the necessary steps to upload repeating Tasks and Scheduled visits in bulk:

First go to your settings, select your Imports option, and navigate to Imports Tasks.

You will see the following options:


If you want to edit existing Tasks you can click on the Download all button, also if you would like to see the current schedule. If you want to add new tasks you can click on Download template and delete the ID column entirely (when you import new tasks, Skynamo automatically generates a unique ID for each task). Attached to this article is an example template that you can also use.


The screenshot below is an example of how you can populate the template (remember when you add new repeating Tasks or Scheduled visits to delete the ID column). You can also edit entries that are already there e.g. change due dates etc.


Once you have completed your editing/adding process you will then save the file.


Go back to Skynamo, and the Task imports. On the Import tasks page, click on Browse select to choose your saved Excel file. Once you have selected the correct file, click on File select.


The screenshot below shows what you will see when you have clicked on file select. This gives you a chance to double-check the changes you have made/entries that you have added. If you are happy with all the entries you can click on import tasks.


The following window will appear once the import is complete:


Your repeating Tasks or Scheduled visits will now be imported and available on your calendar. For any further assistance or questions you may have please contact our support team at


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