Skynamo Keeps Logging Out / Skynamo Syncing Issues (Android AND iOS) - 18 October 2021

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We have encountered an issue in Skynamo which affects a large number of our mobile users. These users keep getting "logged out" of Skynamo (Android), and manifests as a problem with syncing on iOS.

Current Status


Important Details

We're seeing a massive reduction in the 4xx errors. This is good news for Android users, as they should be able to connect and sync again. However, iOS users will need to power off their device and restart to get around this issue.


***Monday, October 18th, 13:11 CAT***

The Skynamo developers discovered a single webserver was generating bad cookies which caused the mobile logout issues. That webserver has been removed and, as the mobiles get new cookies, we're seeing a return to normal behaviour.
***Monday, October 18th, 12:09 CAT***

Communication about issue sent to all Skynamo Account Managers

***Monday, October 18th, 11:54 CAT***

Workaround for iOS users posted.

***Monday, October 18th, 11:00 CAT***

Help Centre Page created to monitor situation and post updates.

***Monday, October 18th, 08:30 CAT***

Reports of many logout incidences received, escalated to R&D as a "Hair on Fire" issue.

***Monday, October 18th, 07:30 CAT***

Reports of logout incidences received

***Friday, October 15th, 21h00 CAT***

Significant decrease in incidents, issue seems to have been caused by two old servers creating incorrect cookies. R&D is monitoring the situation.

***Friday, October 15th, 19h30 CAT***

First reported logout, escalated to the R&D team. 

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