User Role Permission Settings to be able to Edit User Details & How to Edit Users on Skynamo Insights

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This article will guide you through the steps to follow when editing a user on your Skynamo insight/backend

To be able to edit users Skynamo you either have to be an Account Manager who by default has unlimited permission on Skynamo or you have to be given permissions to do so by editing the user role permissions.


User role permissions can be edited as follows:

Tap on the setting icon on the top right corner of your Skynamo window


Select User roles on the View pane on the left


Choose the user role on which you would like to edit permissions.

(We will use the Manager role as an example).


After selecting the user role, scroll down to User permissions and tick on "Manage user and roles"


After making the changes above, any user who falls under that role should be able to edit user details.

To edit User details, navigate to the Users tab, toggle to the name of the user you want to edit click on the pencil icon that pops up on the far right end of the user


In User Settings, you can edit the E-mail address, the Display name, the Phone number, the Role, the "Can see all customer activities of" and the Tracking Preferences.



  1. Each email address is unique to that particular user. This means that an email address cannot be shared by two users or more on the instance.
  2. The Username cannot be edited as it is hardcoded to the user. This means that every user on Skynamo has a unique username and their history on Skynamo is attached to that username even after they are deactivated as a user.

If none of these steps works, please contact Support on:

SA - +27 861 345 345

UK - +44 203 150 0217

USA - +1 917 242 3582

Email -



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