How to set up a simple Customer Dashboard in PowerBI

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Firstly, you need to have connected Skynamo's Reporting API and selected the "Customers" and "Customers Custom Fields" to sync. If you are unsure of how to do this, check out this article to connect.

Once you're connected and your data has synced, it should look something like this:


Firstly, let's rename the Page to "Customer Dashboard". You'll see it in the bottom left-hand corner, simply right click on the tab, and rename it:


Now the fun begins! I always like putting a counter in the middle of the screen to show me how many active customers there are.  To do this click on the "Card" option in the "Visualisations" tab:


You can then drag the visual where you'd like to place it:


To start editing the visual, simply click on it, and more options will appear in the right-hand editing pane:


Now, drag the "Code" field from "Customers", into the blank "Add data fields here" box:


You'll notice something isn't right on the visual! It shows the first customer, instead of the total number of customers.


Fixing this is very simple, don't worry. Simply go to the "code" field, and click on the "down arrow" and select "count":


Now, this looks much better already!


However, I know for a fact that I only have 77 active customers, and I want this entire Dashboard to only show me data related to active customers. So, what we need to do, is drag the "isactive" field from "Customers", to the empty "Filter on this Page" box on the left-hand side:


Once I select "True", the correct number appears:


Well done! Now, you can customise the look and feel of this visual in the "Format" tab:


I've added a title and played around with the colours a bit:


Now, let's create our first data visualisation. Let's use a Pie chart for the first one:

Like we did before, simply click on the desired visualization on the right, and place it in the desired location on the left.



For the next few visualisations, we'll be working from the "Customers Custom Fields" table.

As it is a simple "count" of options, you can simply drag the "Customer ID" to the "Values" field. For the "Legend", drag over the "customfieldvalue" field from the table:


You'll notice a HUGE amount of clutter, but that's okay! You need to now drag over the "customfieldname" field over to the "Filters on this Visual" field:


 I suggest making this filter "single selection", and then you simply select which field in the table you'd like to analyze. In my case, it is the 'Tier" field:


And now you can customize the look and feel in the "format" tab again like we did before.


The good news is, things get even easier from here! For our next visual, you can simply "copy" the Pie Chart by right-clicking on it and then pasting the duplicate. Then, on the "Filters on this Visual", you select the new field you'd like to analyze and the correct values should show up, in my case, I selected the "Group" field:


Then I just need to edit the title and the colours in the Format section:


Let's try a different visualisation for our next one. We can still copy one of the pie charts, but this time select the visual and then click on the "Clustered Bar Chart" option:


This time, we'll select "Call Day" on the "customfieldname" filter on the right-hand side:


For the final visual, I want to show another bar graph for the Storage field. Can you get there? With a little bit of formatting, you should get to something resembling this:


Congratulations on completing your first PowerBI Customer Dashboard!


If you have any further questions or need some help, contact our support team at 



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