How to Deactivate Customers

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To preserve the interaction history with customers, should that information be needed in the future, you cannot permanently delete customers on Skynamo. You may however want customers that you are no longer doing business with to not display on Skynamo. It can be helpful and more productive for your users to not see these customers as well as not have them showing up in reports. Skynamo allows you to deactivate a customer.

To deactivate a Customer, Navigate to the Customers tab on Skynamo Web. Then select the tick block to the left of the customer name, and select the Deactivate customer button that appears at the top. Then select the blue "Deactivate" button to complete.



​​The customer is now deactivated.

Once a customer is Deactivated, they can be activated again. You can follow the steps in this article to re-activate a customer that has been deactivated:

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