Converting form results to comments.

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The catch is that we cannot recover form results from a different instance onto a new one.


This article explains a workaround on how to extract form results from an old instance and how to import it as comments onto a new one.


Download all the respective form results from the old instance.

Note: filter the start date of the forms to start on the year 2000 as a quick workaround to get every result since the client started using Skynamo.


Open the downloaded form results.


Insert a Comment column after the last question column.


What you then do is to use the following equation "format" to call the relevant question fields:

=CONCAT("Form name";CHAR(10);CHAR(10);$E$1;CHAR(10);E2;CHAR(10);CHAR(10);$F$1;CHAR(10);F2; ...)


Note: This equation concatenates the Question header and the answer of the relevant question per form.


Please note that this just gets a bit tricky when date questions are added to the form.

Use the following equation when you need to call the date fields



This will just leave the question blank if no date is filled in.


The next step would be to open the Comment Template.



Copy the Comment column from the results file and paste as values into the Comment template under Comment.

Then also copy and paste the relevant completed dates and customer codes of the completed forms to the comment template.


The form results can then be imported as comments in the following format:


The first line shows the relevant Form name.

The user who completed the form.

Then the questions would follow with the answer right below it in the next line.

The blank line is added in between each question and answer pair to distinguish between the different questions.


I attached two files as examples from Animal Supply company's forms which I converted.

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