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Welcome to the wonderful World of Skynamo Analytics!

Skynamo has a brand-new reporting API specifically designed to get your Skynamo data for the purpose of reporting.

How to get access?

The good things in life are never free, and the same goes for access to the Skynamo Reporting API.

Log a request for access with Skynamo Support ( or your Customer Success Member. They will be able to provide you with a quote.

Please note that while the Reporting API and connector are in Beta no costing will be incurred

The following information will be required:

  • Customer Name
  • Skynamo Instance Name
  • Email address of contact person who will be working with the API connection.
  • Specify whether or not you need the Power BI Custom Connector.

After the above has been done, approved, and paid you will be provided with credentials to access your Skynamo data through the reporting API (Client ID, Client Secret).

I have access, now what?

  • Reporting API

For more information on using the Reporting API and examples go to the Swagger documentation:


The provided credentials can be used in a CURL request (see below) to get an access token to Login by clicking on Authorize.


curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
--data '{"client_id":"<CLIENTID>","client_secret":"<CLIENTSECRET>","audience":"","grant_type":"client_credentials"}'


The Data

The Skynamo Reporting API has four endpoints that returns data for 19 tables/entities, as shown in the below:



Users End Point – Returns User and User related entity data


User details on Skynamo.

Travel Claims

The travel claims logged per user per day on Skynamo app.

User Time Segments

The ‘on clock’ and driving time captured on Skynamo app per user per day.


The activity_id field will only be populated if the task (Scheduled Visit or Task) has been completed on Skynamo.

User Targets

The sales target per user per month that has been loaded on Skynamo.

Activities End Point – Returns Activity and Activity related entity data


The activities captured on Skynamo, example Visits, Forms, Orders, etc.

Credit Requests

The credit requests captured by a user for a customer on Skynamo.


The quotes captured by a user for a customer on Skynamo.


The orders captured by a user for a customer on Skynamo.


The surveys captured by a user at a customer on Skynamo.


The forms completed by a user on Skynamo. Form details, questions and answers are returned in the json_view field.

Customers End Point – Returns Customer and Customer related entity data


Customer details on Skynamo. Custom field data is returned in the json_view field.

Customer Users

The customer user assignments on Skynamo.


The invoices that have been imported from a financial system/ERP into Skynamo.

Customer Targets

The sales target per customer per month that has been loaded on Skynamo.

Products End Point – Returns Product and Product related entity data


Product details on Skynamo. Custom field data is returned in the json_view field.


The following images show the entity-relationship diagrams per Reporting API End Point for all the tables related to that endpoint. The relationships between End Points are also indicated. The main table of each endpoint has a pink border.


Users End Point ERD


Activities End Point ERD


Customers End Point


Products End Point


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