Why does Skynamo no longer do in-house custom reporting?

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We have some exciting news with regards to how we can deliver “custom” data and reports to our clients!

Until March 2021, Skynamo offered analytics in three different ways

  1. Standard dashboard tiles and reports (“out of the box”).
  2. A catalogue of template reports implemented in an embedded analytics platform.
  3. Custom reports also built in the embedded platform.

The reports we built were limited to Skynamo data, and also our skillsets. We could display data collected in Skynamo, on Skynamo, built on a custom embedded platform inside our Product.

Based on collective feedback from our clients, we realised that our customers wanted and needed more than we could provide with our limited Analytics expertise, and our platform. Here are some of the requests we regularly encountered and could not assist with:

  • Multi-instance reporting
  • Drill through abilities
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Integrating multiple external datasets

Having taken these requests into consideration, we are very excited to announce that in July 2021 we released our first version of the Reporting API to address these and several other problems.

The purpose of the new reporting process is to empower you as the Customer to have control and flexibility over your own data without relying on Skynamo’s analytics and reporting with it’s various limitations. You will be able to pull information from multiple platforms giving you a holistic overview of your data and enabling you to make more confident business decisions with access to your own market intelligence.

You also have the choice of pulling the data yourself or using one of our trusted 3rd parties to who will be able to assist you in setting up your reports:

  • For info on how you can be empowered to access your own analytics data click here 
  • For a list of trusted Analytics 3rd parties who can assist you click here 

We believe that the richness of this experience far outweighs having Skynamo develop custom reports.

We are still however going to keep developing more standard reports within our product, and we are still going to deploy reports found inside our catalogue .

We really hope this new functionality will help take your business to the "next level", happy analyzing!



For Info on how to access your analytics data check here

For a list of trusted Analytics 3rd parties click here



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