Disabling Skynamo photos from appearing in your phone Gallery.

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First things first, Images and files are on a completely different sync protocol than the rest of the app. The app syncs all the relevant images and files linked to Completed forms, Customers, Products, and even the Company logo to a folder named Skynamo within the device's internal storage.

To find this folder, see the following steps click-by-click:


1. Navigate to your Google Play Store and download "Solid Explorer":


2. Once the app has downloaded, please click on Open:


3. Click Skip and then agree to the Terms and Conditions:


3. If the below prompt appears, just click "Start my trial":


4. When the below popup appears, click on "Grant" and then tick the icon next to Solid Explorer. You can then simply navigate back to the Solid Explorer app:


5. Back on Solid Explorer, click on Android:


6. Grant permission and then select "Use folder":


7. Select Data -> Myhonebeekeeper:



8. Click on Files -> Skynamo -> Your profile (which should have your name and your company name as the folder name)


9. Here are the folders where all Skynamo images/files are stored.


Should you experience the issue of Skynamo images that are displaying in your device's gallery, there is a simple workaround on how to hide images from specific folders within your Internal Storage:

Note: This is simply an empty hidden file that we are going to add that tells Gallery applications not to scan this folder for media files.

  1. Select the folder of choice, in this case, it would be Skynamo.
  2. Click on the More options button.

  3. Click on Create folder.

  4. Name the folder: ".nomedia", and click on Create.

    Please note: It would seem that there was no folder created, but it was actually just saved as a hidden file - this is supposed to happen.

  5.  To show the hidden file, click on the More options button.

  6. Click on Settings.
  7. Enable the "Show hidden system files" toggle switch.

  8. Click back and you will then see the hidden .nomedia file.

  9. Then restart your device and all images from Skynamo will then be removed from your Gallery.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Support.


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