Adding your external calendars to Skynamo (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo ect)

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View your calendars alongside your Skynamo tasks and visits to get a single view of your calendar and to make sure you’re not double-booked. You’re also still able to add your Skynamo calendar to your external calendars. 

This feature is currently available on both the Web and iOS apps. The Android release is coming soon.

How it works:

  • Sign in to the Skynamo Web app. Need help on this?
  • Add your external calendar to Skynamo by following the prompts. As shown below
  • You’ll be able to see your external calendar in your Skynamo calendars.

If you add your calendar, you are the only person who will be able to view this in Skynamo. Managers and colleagues will still only see your Skynamo Visits and Tasks.

How to add your external calendar to Skynamo

To start, log into the Web interface of Skynamo with your details, and navigate to your Calendar


Click on the option “Add other calendars”


You will be taken to the following page, and asked to enter your e-mail address.


Enter your address and click on “Sign In”


You will now be asked to choose your email provider. Choose the appropriate one for your use. If you have entered a g-mail account and you are signed in, you might also be asked to choose the account rather than the provider. Both examples are shown below.



Once you have chosen the correct provider, sign in as per the instructions given.


If you have a Microsoft account with 2 Factor Authentication, you will need to create an app password. For instructions click on this link to go to an article showing how this is done:


Once you have signed in, the meetings will now be shown on your Skynamo Calendar and will be highlighted green. This is for viewing only, so you will not be able to make changes to these calendars in Skynamo.



The initial sync will be immediate, and after that the calendar will be updated once a day.

At any time you can select the option to “Remove other calendars” if you no longer wish to see your other calendars on Skynamo.


As this feature is going through Beta testing (newly released) there might be some small issues or inconsistencies. Let us know by contacting support when these occur so that we can make sure this feature works well for everyone.



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