Image syncing from Skynamo to the mobile App.

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It is important to know that Skynamo’s image syncing is on a different sync protocol than the rest of the app.

When the images sync from the backend of Skynamo to the mobile it follows a specific process/path to get compressed and it gets a change of the naming convention. This process can be very tedious for companies that rely a lot on their product catalogue view. The initial sync of a user does take quite some time if the company has a substantial number of images linked to their products. A good example would be companies like Sightique and SDM Eyewear who have over 4000 product images.

If a user starts using a device and needs to sync these substantial number of images it would be best just to give the device time to automatically sync the images and just be patient with the process. The exact way of how the images sync will be explained below.

So then how Skynamo syncs images:

Before images start to sync, Skynamo waits 5 minutes, then it polls the download manager at which it gets a list of everything it needs to download, it creates that task and would then commence downloading each image one-by-one.

Please note: clearing the Download Manager, if a user should call regarding an issue of product images not syncing (although they are on Insights) we should not opt for aggressively clearing the download manager of the device in a frequent manner. Clearing the download manager is an edge case scenario of the download manager freezing up on the device which should not be a common occurrence. Clearing the download manager should strictly be used when the images were syncing for a while and then stopped and not progressing anymore.


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