Downloading form results on Skynamo insights

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This article explains how you can download the results of a particular form on the Skynamo web interface. Please note, this will only be possible if the user role that you are assigned to have this permission enabled. 

The permission for this specific tasks is indicated in red below:


Downloading the form results

Navigate to the Forms tab on the top of your browser.


Step 2
From the list of forms, navigate to the particular form that would like to download the results for. In this example the visit form is used. Once you have selected the particular form, click on result and adjust the filters to fit your desired scope.


Step 3
Once the correct filters are selected, click on the Download button, which will give you two options to select from: (1) Downloading the results, and (2) Downloading the form results with images. The second option is applicable if you would like to export photos with your form results. Kindly note, only the first photo taken in the form will be exported, otherwise the document will become too large in size.


Step 4
Open the downloaded Excel file and click on cell A1. Then, click Ctrl + Shift + L. This will add a filter to your database. Now you can filter according to customers, dates, users etc.

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