GPS/Location – Set up and troubleshooting Android

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Step1 – Make sure location is on.

  • Check if location is on for the device. Either by dragging down the task bar or by going to Settings > Location > Turn on.
  • Locating method should also be set on High accuracy.
  • Improve accuracy should be enabled to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.




Step 2 – Check location permission for Skynamo and Maps.

  • Settings > Apps > Skynamo > Permissions > Location > Allow all the time
  • Settings > Apps > Maps > Permissions > Location > Allow all the time



Step 3 - Check that Google Maps/Maps and Skynamo is up to date.


Go to Google Playstore and check if updates are available. For Playstore, if it says Open/Uninstall it is up to date (i.e. no update option).



Step 4 – Turn off battery optimization for Skynamo.

(To turn off battery optimization for Lenovo, click here)


Settings > "Apps" or "Apps & notifications" > Scroll to Skynamo > Battery > Optimize battery usage > tap on "Apps not optimized" > tap on "All apps" > Find Skynamo and Maps and turn the option OFF:



Step 5 – Clear cache for Skynamo.


Settings > Apps > Skynamo > Storage > “Clear cache”




Step 6 – Clear data for Maps.

Settings > Apps > Maps > Storage > “Clear data”


Step 7 - Turn off your battery-saver/ power-saving mode

Settings -> Battery and device care -> Battery -> Switch power-saving mode/battery saver OFF



Step 8 – Turn on WIFI

Since Maps uses GPS, WIFI and cell towers to find and track a devices location, leaving WIFI turned on while travelling may improve accuracy for GPS location.


If none of these steps work, then please contact Support on:

SA - +27 861 345 345

UK – +44 203 150 0217

USA - +1 917 242 3582



Also, please see attached documentation which explains exactly how GPS tracking works and why GPS teleportation occurs within Skynamo.


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