Logging in on the mSeller app for the first time (iPhone)

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After successfully following the steps in the article Installing the mSeller App for the first time (iPhone), we need to log in using the credentials provided. 


Navigate out of the App Store and go to Settings on your iPad. 


Once you are there, scroll all the way down the list to mSeller Mini


Copy the provided license key and paste it into the relevant field. You can find this information either on the email from Support, or it will be supplied to you by your manager. NB: Be careful that you don't copy any extra characters

Below is an example of how the email from Support would look


Paste the license key and leave the username and password blank, as you will re-visit this later


Next, navigate out of settings and open the mSeller app on your device.

You will see a message 'mSeller Mini would like to send notifications'. Tap ALLOW to clear the message. 


Once this has been done, you will need to add your credentials via device settings again.

Obtain your credentials from the same source as the license key used previously.

After completing this you may open the mSellerMini app. A prompt will appear for a restart of the app. 


From here you can press on the 'OK' and reopen the app.


An additional restart message will appear. Again, OK can be clicked to continue


You can press the circle 'not updated yet' icon on your dashboard to allow the mSeller app to download all items from the mSeller server. This includes your company's customers, products, and images. 


You are now set up, logged in and ready to go!

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