Testing if a task will fall away when changing customer codes and merging customers




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    Hi Berno,

    Will this functionality for tasks also be applicable to schedules?

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    Berno Maarsingh

    Hi Arrie, 

    Yes, this will also apply for scheduled visits. Scheduled visits will also carry over in the same way as tasks do.

    Visit frequencies is a bit different. When you merge two customers that are assigned to the same user, but with different visit frequencies, the visit frequency or the Source customer will be taken for the new merged customer. The only exception for this is when the Source customer do not have any visit frequencies. In this case, the visit frequency of the Target customer will be taken.

    If this is a bit unclear, you are welcome to call us on 0861 345 345 or send an email to support@skynamo.com and we will further explain.

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