Converting a quote to an order on mSeller

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After creating a quote, you can use this article to help you convert a specific quote into an order. 

To start off, navigate to the quote you would like to convert. You can do this by navigating to the Transactions page.


On the Transactions page, click and hold on sent in the black box, and drag your finger to the left.


This will show a turquoise coloured block with the word copy in. You can press on this.


A confirmation pop up will appear and you may click on Yes to continue with the conversion


After clicking on Yes another popup will appear. 

This pop up will allow you to copy the quote to another customer or keep it for the same customer. You can click on done once you have selected the relevant customer.


You will then receive a message displaying that the quote was successfully copied, which can be dismissed.


The unsent quote will now show on the Transactions screen.

Press and hold on the word Unsent. While holding down swipe to the left.

A new menu will appear. 


Our next step is to click on on edit to change from quote to order.


After this the app will take you back to the products which were selected for the quote


You can simply click on the Transactions button to continue


Once you press on the Transaction icon the app will take you to the order page


The app still sees this as a quote and we need to change it

You can click on the Type option in the top left-hand corner to change this from a quote to an order


After selecting the Order option click outside the window


You may add a note or press on save to finish off the order.

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