Creating a quote on mSeller

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This article is here to help you place a quote on mSeller.

To start, you need to select the customer you would like to place the quote for. You can do this by tapping on the grey box saying "[Tap here to add customers]" which is highlighted below


Select the customer from the drop down box that appears. The following screen will now appear displaying your products


Once you have selected the products you would like on the quote, navigate to the transactions page by clicking on the transactions tab at the bottom of your screen


In the transactions tab, the information specific to the quote will appear such as the selected products, the customer, and the customer-specific info.

mSeller will by default see this as an order and thus you will have to change this to a quote.

To do this, navigate to Type in the top left-hand corner and ensure the quote option is selected.


After selecting the quote option, you can update the notes field if need be. The last step is click 'save' in the bottom right corner in order to save the quote

The app will then take you to the screen showing all transactions.


If you would like to send your quote to the customer you would need to navigate back into the quote. Note that quotes are marked in red, orders in black. 

To go back into the quote, select the quote you want to send and then tap on the arrow in the top-right hand corner.


Tap the letter-image in the top-right hand corner. You can change the layout as desired and then click 'send' to send the quote to the customer. 


Navigate to the dashboard tab and send the quote to the head office if need be. 

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