Managing rep customers/areas on SOP (repcodes)

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Through the SOP software you are able to manage which customers can and can't be seen on the mSeller app. If you need a field user to see an additional area, or be assigned to manage customers with another field user, you can do this by making a few changes on the SOP software. 


Start off by going to Tools on the SOP software.


Select the option Edit Reps


A list of all your mobile users will appear in a new window.


Navigate to the user you would like to edit and click on the edit button.

A new window will appear. The details page will show you the user's name and other details. You need to navigate to the Coverage tab. 


From here you can edit the areas/repcodes that are assigned to the rep. 


You can simply tick and untick the relevant users. PS: There is an All option at the top of the Window. The user ID is also zero. 

Once all changes have been completed, click on the OK button. You will now need to export this new info to the mSeller app by doing the following:

Navigate to the Tools tab


Select Synchronise > HandheldsExport Handheld Updates


SOP will process the updates and send the info to the mSeller server.

The mSeller user can then download all the updates, allowing them to see the relevant changes to their customer base.

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