Installing the mSeller App for the first time (iPad)

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This a quick guide to installing the mSeller app on your iPad for the first time.

It is important to follow the steps in the order given below

1. Navigate to the App store on your device. 




2. Click on the search option in the bottom right-hand corner.




You can then type in and search for 'mSeller'




You can click on the mSeller option that appears

3. After selecting the option mSeller, 2 apps should appear. For iPad, select 'mSeller' which is the tablet version, not 'mSeller Mini'. 




You can then click on the 'Get' option for the mSeller app. 




4. A verification pop up will appear where you will need to either select the install button or use your fingerprint to verify the installation.




Please don't click OPEN once the download was completed

Well done! You have successfully installed the mSeller iPad app.

The following documents will help you to login: Logging in on the mSeller app for the first time (iPad)

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