Creating a new user on the SOP software

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As the manager of the SOP software, you have the ability to administrate the users, regulating who has access to the SOP software.

To add a new user, simply login to SOP using your credentials: 


Then navigate to the Tools tab and select 'Edit Users'


A new window will appear, where you then can click on the 'New' button



Another window will appear where you can add the details of the new user.


Add the username of the new user. If you require a password for the user or want to create a second administrator, please follow the steps below.


Setting a password:

If you want to set the password for the user, click on the 'Change Password' button. A new window will appear. To set a new password, leave the first field open and proceed to add the new password and confirm it in the relevant fields.


Once the two fields have been populated with the same password you can click on the 'OK' button.


Creating a second administrator: 

On the user creation screen, simply select the 'Supervisor' tick box in order to enable the supervisor permissions.



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