Logging into Skynamo after a URL change for iOS users

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Skynamo has data servers in various regions in the world. Sometimes our clients require that their data is hosted in a different region from where it was originally created. In these cases, we need to move the entire instance to a new database server, which means there will be a little bit of down time and new logins required. This document serves to navigate users going through this transfer to a successful transition.

How does this transfer affect me?

As an iOS user, you will unfortunately not be able to use Skynamo at all during the transfer. It is in fact very important that you make sure that you are fully in sync and then logged out before the transfer happens. This will however be discussed further on in this article.

Is there anything I should do before the transfer happens?

As mentioned, it is very important that you are fully in sync and then logged out of Skynamo before the transfer takes place. Please follow the steps shown below.

Step 1 - Synchronize your device

Click on the Settings icon in the top-right hand corner on your Skynamo Dashboard, that will then open your Settings list. Scroll until you see the "Synchronize now" button and click on it. Once the sync is completed, you will see "Sync complete" appear under the "Synchronize now" button. It is very important to make sure that this appear. The below screenshots show you how this can be done.


Step 2 - Log out of the Skynamo app

To log out of the Skynamo app, please click on the Settings button from your Dashboard again. Scroll until you see the "Logout button" and click on it. Upon clicking on the button, the login screen for Skynamo will appear. Please see the below screenshots on how this is done.



What will I have to do once the transfer is completed?

You will have to sign into the Skynamo app with the new URL as your company name. Please see the steps below to do this. 

Step 1 - Log in onto the Skynamo app with the new URL as company name

Since you have logged out of your Skynamo app before the transfer took place, when you go onto Skynamo again, you will be presented with the log in screen where you can insert your credentials - user name, password and company name - to log back into Skynamo. It is very important to enter your company name.

An example of this is shown in the screenshots below:



If you have any queries or need assistance, please contact our support team by mailing support@skynamo.com or call

SA: +27 861 345 345

USA: +1 917 242 3582

UK: +44 203 150 0217

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