Logging into Skynamo after a URL change for Skynamo Insights users

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Skynamo has data servers in various regions in the world. Sometimes our clients require that their data is hosted in a different region from where it was originally created. In these cases, we need to move the entire instance to a new database server, which means there will be a little bit of down time and new logins required. This document serves to navigate users going through this transfer to a successful transition.

How does this transfer affect me?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to access Skynamo for the duration that the move is taking place. If you try to login while the move is happening, you will see the following error:


This means that you will unfortunately have to wait for the move to be completed before you can use Skynamo Insights again.

Is there anything I should do before the transfer happens?

Since you will not be able to access Skynamo Insights for the duration of the transfer, it is important to make sure that you have completed the necessary tasks you may have on Skynamo. Please make sure that you have completed all orders, forms or other changes. All changes that are in progress once the transfer starts will be lost. Our Support Team will also not be able to access your company's instance for the duration of the transfer.

What will I have to do once the transfer is completed?

Once the transfer has taken place, your URL will change to the UK specification, which means you will have to use the new URL to sign in. Please see the steps below to do this.

Step 1 - Edit the URL to sign in: 

Initially, the URL link that you usually used would have been something like the following: https://trainingberno.za.skynamo.me/. (Please note, for your company, trainingberno will not be included and it will be replaced with your company name.) With the transfer taking place, it will now become something like the following: https://trainingberno.uk.skynamo.me/. 

Therefore, if the URL that you use to access Skynamo still include the .za part, replace it with .uk. Please see the example below:


Step 2 - Sign in:

Now that you have changed the URL, you can login onto the instance. Enter the changed URL into your browser and submit it.

The Skynamo login page will open up and you can enter your login credentials to access Skynamo insights again.


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