How to choose a new password using the Password Reset email

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As a Skynamo user, you may have switched from an older device to a newer device, or you may have always used the Skynamo app and you would like to use the the Skynamo web portal. However, you are not sure what your password is. As a result, the Skynamo support team or your Account Manager can assist you to select a new password, by sending a password reset email. This article explains how to choose a new password using this email.

Using a password reset email to select a new password

When one of our support agents, your manager or account manager sends you a password reset email form the web interface, you will receive an email similar to this:


The email would have been sent from Therefore, if you do not see the email initially, please search for emails sent from this email address and kindly look in your spam folder.

Once this email is received, click on the blue "Reset password" button:


Click on the blue button, will open up the following window:


To reset your password (or select a new password), simply enter the password your want into the two text fields and click "Submit".


On mobile devices, once you opened the Skynamo app - you may be presented with the below screen.
Please enter your Email address. Then select the "Continue" button.



From here your Username (Email) will be pre-filled, and you can continue to enter your company name and password in the blocks at the bottom.


If you have any further queries please feel free to contact support at 0861 345 345 or send an e-mail to 

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